Me VS Beanbag

Hey everyone!

Hope you are doing well? Sorry for not posting in a while but after my last post I decided to take a break, as it took me on such an emotional rollercoaster. But I’m back now with a complete 180, yep you guessed it… STORY TIME!
So this story is from my childhood and has nothing to do with anxiety, just plain stupidity…Classic Claire.

Story time

Beanbags… How they used to amuse me, belly flops and beanbag fights, ah the good times. They were something you could throw at someone and not cause any serious damage, and more importantly you’d very rarely get in trouble!
Ok so to a young, inquisitive girl like myself I wanted to know what this ball of joy was made of.

It was just your average day mucking about, kids being kids. If you were to tell me a traumatic situation was lurking around the corner I would of called you a liar. The cover for the bag was off… god knows why but the bag was officially naked, exposing all of its balls. I still didn’t know what polystyrene was. Detective Claire was on the case!

Opening the bag some of the balls scattered across the floor. Trying to pick them up before getting in trouble, only one thought crossed my mind…. why were they called beans? The only beans I knew of were the ones that were good for your heart and made you fart! Well these certainly didn’t look anything like them. Maybe they were dried up baked beans I thought to myself. So in that case they would still have that bean smell?


I might be the exception


That’s it! All I have to do is smell this tiny polystyrene ball and I’ll have my answer! Being a good investigator I needed to close this case. It would only take two seconds anyway… so no harm done right?

A quick little sniff turned into inhaling this polystyrene ball, and getting it wedged firmly in my nostril! This bean was well on its way to my brain by now… Ok, ok maybe a little dramatic but I was young, how was I supposed to know there was a simple solution?

“Just blow your nose Claire and it will come out” my mum said over and over again trying to calm me down.  “I can’t…I won’t be able to breathe!” I wailed back. Now would probably be the time to tell you I was deathly afraid to blow my nose. I don’t really know why but it terrified me!

1 hour later it was still wedged in my nostril.  Every time I tried to blow my nose I just ended up exhaling heavily out of my mouth. That meant nothing was happening to unblock the nostril. Obviously that technique was not working too well.

A total of two hours later and finally the polystyrene ball had dislodged itself. I was finally released from the self inflicted torture I had created for myself! Any lessons learnt? Well yes don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, more importantly I learnt how to blow my nose!

Good job really because colds would of really sucked without a good nose blow! Oh if anyone was wondering by the way, it doesn’t smell of baked beans.

Hope you enjoyed this short story time blog and shared a giggle at my expense. I certainly did at remembering this one. Feel free to leave a comment.

“Better an oops than a what if”

Be kind



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