Beach body ready?

Hey everyone!

Beach body ready? HAHA I wish!! So since deciding on going to Australia I have realised I am in the worst shape of my ENTIRE life!
After half heartedly going to the gym and eating healthy for one whole day I would always treat myself with the rest of the week off!
Obviously not working I began to give up on something I hadn’t really started.

Fast food, Takeaways and general junk food yep I consumed it all. Enjoying it for only a minute, I was stuffing my face then regretting it right after. But of course that didn’t stop me get ‘one’ more cookie. Sadly one turned into three then looking down the box was empty with no one around to blame but me. I know this has happened to all of us, so leave your judgement for someone who deserves it!

Working at McDonald’s also makes heathy eating 10x harder! Yes we have an Asda and M&S across the car park but that means taking time out your 45 min break and having to pay for it. So why would I when I can get free food in a couple of minutes?


I don’t want to be skinny but I want to be fit. Fit enough to be able to walk up a hill without being drenched in sweat and breathing as though I just completed a marathon! Fit enough to wear what I want and not worry about the bulges that overspill out my clothes. Fit enough to have my Baywatch moment with out looking like a beached whale!


So I vouch that as soon as I leave the UK, I leave the sluggish way of living here too! This is not saying I wont indulge and treat myself but its saying that I will cut back and venture out of my bad habits. I want to live life to the fullest and not be stuck in a rut. I’m not going on a diet because I know me, I know my body rebels against that word. So what should I call it? clean eating? Cutting back? Healthy habits? God knows but whatever it is, it has to be better then what I am eating now!

My goal? well like I said I want to be fit! I want to be the best I can be and push my body to do things that it wouldn’t normally do. I want to not only push through the psychical but also the mental barriers. Retraining my brain to know it doesn’t take long to cook food and it doesn’t all taste bad! Don’t get me wrong I love healthy food, I like most vegetables. so what’s my excuse? Pure laziness!

That brings me onto my next point! How am I going to push past this laziness? Like I said I have a goal and I want to reach it!  I’m not going to set this crazy regime where I plan to workout everyday. Hell no! I know that’s unrealistic with the lifestyle I’m about to live. I am gradually going to introduce it back into my everyday, maybe going for walks, learning to surf or go swimming. Just by doing simple things like cutting out the amount of crisps and McDonalds I eat to the amount of alcohol I consume on weekends. A cutback, not a diet!

By losing some weight and cutting out certain foods I am hoping that it will help with anxiety. I have read that some foods can impact anxiety levels. This may not be true but two birds, one stone and all that! Next time you see me I’ll be unrecognisable! I’ll be a Pamela Anderson not a beached whale!

Healthy, happier, stronger me here I come!

‘Junk food you have craved for an hour or the body you have craved for a lifetime? your decision.’

Be kind

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